Catholic Life

Our Faith

Our school is situated in the same grounds as St. Augustine’s Church, within the Parish of Christ the King and Our Lady of Lourdes.

Prior to the building of St. Augustine’s Church the pastoral needs of the area were served through the school with mass being celebrated regularly in the School Hall. However, with an ever growing parish it was decided that a more fitting place to celebrate the word of God was required, and so in 1979 St. Augustine’s Church was opened.

The modern designed Church has played a vital role in supporting the wider Parish and the Sacramental preparation of St. Augustine’s children. Later in 1990 a Sports and Community Centre was built adjacent to the Church and school to provide further support to meet the needs of the local community.

Our children attend mass on Wednesdays at 9.00 am. For Holy days and the first and last week of each term the whole school celebrates mass together. Mass is also celebrated at 10.30 am on Sunday.

The school has forged strong links with the Parish priest and our children are fully emerged in Church life.

Our Patron

St. Augustine

Our patron, Saint Augustine of Canterbury, was sent from Rome by Pope Gregory in the 6th Century to convert the Angles in Southern England to Christianity.

Augustine sailed to our land with his companions and, upon seeing the fair haired, fair skinned people is said to have remarked “Angels not Angles”.

We are proud to have Saint Augustine as our patron, and we celebrate his feast on the 27th of May.

Our school badge is a picture of a boat on water which symbolises Saint Augustine sailing to England on his mission to spread the word of God. This helps us to remember that we are God’s children and we all have a mission in life.

Hand in hand we Listen to God’s Call, we learn from God’s word and we share God’s love through service

Collective Worship and Assemblies

Liturgy and Prayer are at the heart of our school’s Catholic Life. As well as daily prayer in the classroom our children experience a range of forms of worship throughout the week.

On Monday we have our Mission Assembly. Here we explore the Word of God as given to us through the Gospels and we reflect on how that word informs our daily lives. We celebrate the ways in which our pupils have lived out the Mission of the school through their achievement of the values flames that help to spread the light of Christ.

On Tuesday we have our Songs of Praise where we give thanks to God for his love and generosity through song.

On Wednesdays all classes have their Holy Times which are planned by the pupils based on a theme linked to the Gospel values.

On Friday we have our Celebrating gifts from God assembly where we reflect on our achievements using the Gifts God has given us. We also reflect on who God is be calling us to be. We consider a range of vocations in these assemblies and explore with the children how God gives us all different talents as he has a special plan for each one of us.

On Wednesdays some classes attend Mass at the Church and they lead the singing and readings. On Holy Days of Obligation and at the start and end of each term we have the whole school at Mass.

Spirituality, Reflection and Prayer

Children at St. Augustine’s are encouraged to develop and deepen their spirituality through reflection in collective worship and praying.

In each class there is a focus of worship and children regularly take part in and lead prayer times and reflections within their classes.


Sacramental Preparation

Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

In Year 3 our children prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Their parents/carers are invited to a series of meetings led by the parish priest and class teacher to enable them to know and to support their children on their journey of faith. Children also lead several masses leading up to receiving the sacraments. 

As a gift the school provides each child with rosary bead and a book of bible stories to continue to enhance the development of their faith.


In Year 6 our children prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Their parents/carers are invited to a meeting led by the parish priest and class teacher to discuss the preparation required before candidates are confirmed.

Children lead a special commitment mass before beginning their Confirmation preparation work. This focuses on their commitment to their faith and the use of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. We are supported closely by the parish priest through formal and informal visits and spend a day with students from our local secondary school, Cardinal Newman consolidating our learning.

As a gift the school provides each candidate with a Jerusalem bible to allow them to continue their journey of faith. If you do not attend St. Augustine’s School but are interested in preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion, Confirmation or would like to learn more about the Catholic Faith please contact Fr Tom on 024 76591618.

Alton Castle

Children in Year 5 are invited to Alton Castle in Staffordshire to spend three nights in retreat. Here they are joined by another Catholic school and complete a range of activities which are physical and spiritual. They have the opportunity to celebrate mass and deepen their faith.

Lenten Charities

Every year, during Lent, we have fund raisers to help support various charities. The aim is to support both local and global charities.

Thanks to the effort of the children and the generosity of our parents, we have raised considerable sums for:



Myton Hospice

British Heart Foundation

Father Hudsons Homes

McMillan Nurses

to name but a few…