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Welcome To Reception

Here you can find a collection of useful websites for our Reception children. We will also be posting details of any online learning.

Interesting Websites

Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources. 

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Sir Linkalot

Sir Linkalot is on a quest to make ”I can’t spell” a thing of the past. Helping students of any age with spelling, punctuation, and grammar based on linking (SPAGBOL). 

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Watch as the letters of the alphabet tell stories and make words using phonics. Play the learning game, watch clips and print colouring pages.

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CBeebies Bedtime Stories

A different story read each night just before bedtime.

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Teach Your Monster To Read

Simple, fun activities for kids, from newborn to five. 

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Hungry Little Minds

imple, fun activities for kids, from newborn to five. 

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Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Animations of some of the best-known traditional nursery rhymes, many sung by BBC Children’s TV presenters, with music that your children will love!

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The Gruffolo

xplore the deep dark wood where there are animals to spot and fun games to find. There are songs to listen to and join in with and so much.

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