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Curriculum Vision

Our Curriculum Vision

Our aim at St Augustine’s is to ensure all our children fulfil their potential, spiritually, morally, academically, mentally and physically. We value the uniqueness of each child as made in the image and likeness of God, recognising and nurturing their potential for learning. Through our curriculum we aim to enable each child to fully participate in current and future society as responsible and confident citizens.

We believe that our curriculum offers a balance between acquiring, understanding and using knowledge, as well as developing and applying skills, leading to securer understanding and progression for all children. The main drivers in our topics are history and geography due to the importance in children understanding the world around them.

We aim to ensure all our children make good progress across all areas of the curriculum, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with special educational needs, ensuring high expeactions and achievements for all. There is a clear sequencing of subject specific concepts based on what we expect pupils to know at each stage ensuring challenge for all. We understand that not all our children have the opportunity to develop their life skills and experiences, in order to prepare them for life as citizens of the future. Therefore, our curriculum considers the needs of our children and aims to provide as many enrichment opportunities as possible, linked to our curriculum.

We also understand that many of our children start school with limited vocabulary, including our disadvantaged children, and have wide gaps in their vocabulary. Our curriculum has been developed to ensure we introduce and explore new vocabulary at every opportunity.

At St Augustine’s we asked all staff what they felt our curriculum provision should include:

We also asked a selection of children to share their thoughts on what summed up the curriculum at St Augustine’s in their minds:

St Augustine’s is a highly inclusive primary school who strive to meet the individual needs of all learners. We work in partnership with children, parents and other agencies to ensure our curriculum provides the best possible outcomes for all our children, including those with a range of additional and complex needs. Further information to support this can be found in the school’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities’ Policy.

Please click below to view our Curriculum Map:

Curriculum Overview 2021 22