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R.E. Home Learning

During this time, it is important that we still try to deepen our faith and learn about God.

Whilst you are at home, you may find that you want to learn more about our faith, and join in with some activities that can connect you with the rest of the Catholic world.

Good Shepherd Sunday

Watch the virtual Prayer Service for Vocations.
This week, we look more closely at how we are called to follow Jesus.
Pope Francis wants us to remember that there are five things when it comes to vocations.
Gratitude, Encouragement, Courage, Fatigue, Praise

Vocations letter from Pope Francis

Prayer Card

KS1 Activity

Take some photos or draw some pictures, to show how we might be thankful, encouraging, courageous or praising. Maybe add some writing to it too.

KS2 Activity

Choose one of the five words – can you make a video or writing on how YOU show these.
Maybe write/say a message of encouragement in this time of need, or write/sing a praise prayer. It is up to you!

Remember… send in your completed work to: [email protected]

Cafod Home Learning

Resources for teachers, parents and children to use for home learning through this time of school closures. 

Visit the website

Surviving Self Isolation

Top 10 reseources to explore at home.

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Bible for Children

Your favorite stories from the Bible. Absolutely free.


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Cafod Children's Liturgy

Prayers and resources for children’s liturgy catechists. We can still come together as a community through prayer.

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Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel

Visit the Sistine Chapel in all it’s glory.

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Arts and Crafts

Here is a round up of home resources for Catholics to use during the school closures.

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Mission Together

Download our activity sheets which include simple tasks, questions, prayers and adapted scriptures.

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Take Part in Holy Mass

Christ the King Church

 Masses at CTK are at 9.30am daily and rosary at 7pm. No services are at St. Augustines until further notice. 

View here


St. Chad's Cathedral

Every day at 12.15pm

View here